Norsko - Haukelifjell with Norwegian SNBX champ

July 2011 I met Sondre Haaverstad for the first time at the surfcamp in Hoddevik, where we got to know each other pretty quick. In October the same year he volunteered and put up my sister in Oslo for a night without raping her, when she was on her way to visit me at the same surfcamp. December he came down to Stavanger to surf/party and at that time he invited us to his mum’s cabin (she is a MILF btw:)!) at Haukelifjell.

This has been almost forgotten, but then I remembered and sent Sondre a reminder, got an answer couple of days later and 2 weeks haven’t passed before we met at the cabin in Haukeli. It fit really well since the same week I have been kicked out from a friends place and had no place to sleep...

Norsko - kite Norsko - hory
Norsko - snih Norsko - joga
Haukelifjell is a well known ski resort in southern Norway with huge snow dumps and lots of freeride opportunities. The bottom station is at 845 m.a.s.l., the top reaches to 1215 m.a.s.l. and you can have fun anywhere in between obviously:)!  With its 6 lifts, 16 slopes, long and easily accessible open face can please anyone from beginner to freeride expert. There is also a snow park with decent jumps, corner and some rails to jibb too and if you don’t have much cash you can take the kids magic carpet which is at least 30 meters long and entirely for free :)!
Norsko - vlek
Norsko - freeride Norsko - gays
The weather forecast for Saturday was not very promising, but this couldn’t prevent us from having fun. We shredded till the very end when the sky opened up little, a good sign for the next day! Evening we passed chatting in front of the fireplace, stretching our bodies into unimaginable angles while participating on Henrikke’s Yoga lesson and ate lovely indre fille from my homeland. Sondre is a multi talent and to his snowboard cross title he is an actual Norwegian supermotard champion as well.
Norské lyžařské středisko Pavel Drastik
Norské lyžařské středisko Haukelifjell Norské lyžařské středisko Haukelifjell
Sunday brought sun sun sun and we didn’t miss a single minute! It was incredibly warm overnight and it rained little so the snow was really slow, but at least everything was nicely soft. Sunday was the shooting day and you can check the photos in the gallery! Shortly before closing time the clouds came and poured into the whole valley again, this time it was a sign to finish an epic weekend.
Norské lyžařské středisko Haukelifjell mapa Pavel Draštík - moto
moto racer Norské lyžařské středisko Haukelifjell lidi
Back to cabin to pick up our stash, little clean up, heaps of hugs and kisses and we were off in the opposite directions – east coast for Sondre, west coast (WC is the shit) for us! There was only a scenic 5 hour drive with 2 ferry crossings back to my “homeless” world…
Thx to Sondre’s mum, DROPIT.CZ, SPORTEN, LEKI and traditionally TEAM MOFO!
P.S. While writing this article I’m enjoying my new cozy place.