Freeride - Brokeback “Blåfjell” mountain

Příběh z Modré hory od Paulieho z Norska.
"On Wednesday I got a phone call from Andreas about a trip to a remote cabin in the middle of nowhere in southern Norway, a trip worth changing your plans! My boss proved to be a goodfella who can empathize and I got 2 days off and was ready to join."

Thursday midday were a road-beaten Volvo station wagon and Viking boys (understand Andreas from Norway and Jens from Sweden :) ) impatiently stepping outside my porch, I rushed in on my bike from job, showed superfast packing skills many lacks and couple minutes later we were on the road! Picking up another Norwegian Viking called Pål, who is the one making the sick pictures!

Norsko freeride Norsko freeride - Pavel Drastik
Short 1,5 drive to the Hunnedalen and adventure can begin…dividing the proviant in our backpacks, putting on skins, avalanche beacon check and 3 hour hike to Blåfjellenden (Blåfjell means Blue mountain, probably due to heaps of blueberries you can find :) ) cabin starts! The track which was marked with twigs goes up and down, crossing a big frozen lake (due to warm days before there was up to 10 cm of slash on the top, together with 20 kg backpack pretty scary!) and a river that would later provide us with water for upcoming 4 days.
Norsko freeride - chata Norsko freeride - hike
Before dusk we arrived to the picturesque Blåfjellenden cabin run by the Norwegian turist association ( Surrounded by the mountains from all sides with only 2 abandoned huts to be spotted and no GSM reception you get to feel like Alexander Supertramp in his Magic bus! However, the cabin is open and stocked up with firewood and most of the comforts a man can desire. Electricity and running water excluded, but 2 solar panels can provide some light inside, fire place provide you with warmth and water can be obtained by melting ice and snow or from the river. DNT is an amazingly functioning organization which runs cabins all around Norway from the sponsoring, member fees and individual charges for accommodation. Blåfjellenden is an unlocked and unstaffed cabin, in other words DNT trust the cabin users and it seems to work. An adult member is expected to pay 190 NOK/night (cca 25 EUR), not member 290 (cca 38 EUR) by simply leaving your credit card details in a safe and signing in the cabin book. Would that work in your country?
Norsko freeride - night Norsko freeride - Pavel
4 man, wilderness, fire in the stove, dinner with candles, whisky, reading through cabin books and playing card game called Yatzy (I didn’t win a single time!), almost like in the Brokeback mountain movie!:) Forecast for Friday promised sun and no wind so we didn’t drink the whole bottle and went to beds early.
Friday was the day! Bluebird over the whole valley and thousands of lines to choose from, spring weather and relatively high avalanche danger. We chose an impressive face with many funky cliffs and steep open sections, a real playground! After practicing avalanche rescue and first aid we finally got to shred, that was a SHIT!!!! We lasted 7 hours before retrieving back to cabin to grill some sausages on the fire and drink Czech vodka while excitedly talking about the epic day.
The next days the weather deteriorated dramatically and most of the hiking attempts failed or stay unrewarded, no pictures were shot. This is the Mother Nature: she gives, she takes and she will never let you control her! On Saturday we were join in a cabin by a Danish guy called Martin and an old Norwegian couple with an immense knowledge of the surrounding peaks and stories worth writing memories. So it went on till Sunday when we packed up, swept the cabin and with much lighter backpacks returned back to the “normal” world… :)
Norsko freeride Norsko freeride - jump
Many thanks for support to, Sporten, Leki and Team MOFO!